We can’t say spring is in the air, as it feels as if we have gone straight from autumn/winter to summer!Welcome to our new members who joined us on Saturday!




The club was abuzz on Saturday 19th August, with our annual dog show.It was wonderful watching the competitive spirit coming out in all our members, and at the end everyone was a winner!Thank you to Montego for sponsoring the event, the Pretoria Shepherd Dog Club, steward Alex Ellis and judge Tania Quarmby.Thank you also to the committee and trainers for putting in so much time and effort!Charl was on top of his game at the braai, ably assisted by Ruben and a few others who hung around savouring the delicious aromas.Bev, our photographer, will soon put photos on our FB page.

Three days after our dog show our chairperson, Tania Quarmby, underwent surgery for a total knee replacement.We wish her a speedy recovery and would love to have you on the field ASAP!Our club President, Mr Walter Binder, has not been well lately, and we wish him a speedy recovery as well!

We are very proud to inform anyone who will listen, that our club was founded in 1963 – 54 years ago!All the documentation and information has always been zealously updated, filed and placed in someone’s home for safekeeping, obviously with the hope that the club memories will never die.Chairperson, Tania Quarmby, has worked tirelessly through the years to consolidate information and finally, with the assistance of Beverly Lastrucci, and Lientjie Ellis and Ute Hanisch who captured slides digitally, we can say that we have all the club’s information, from inception to date is in place.Club President, Mr Walter Binder, chairman for 35 years, beamed from ear-to-ear, when he heard the news!

The Faerie Glen nature reserve has been re-opened to dogs, following legal intervention.Dogs must be kept on lead, one of the reasons being the wildlife in the area.The club would like to organize an event, as we have in the past, with a walk and braai afterwards, but all club members interested must please register at the nature reserve in Faerie Glen by giving ID’s documents, etc.Please let your trainer know once you have completed the registration.Please refer to our April newsletter.

There is a walk at Fountains Valley the first Saturday morning of every month.  2nd September, 7th October and 4th November.Please support the Voortrekkers – Lidia Hendriks – 082 565 4840.

Summer causes parasites like ticks, fleas and flies to predate.Please take the necessary precautions like dipping, collars and sprays.There are new products on the market, and you can keep up-to-date with the latest information brochures, which we keep in the club house.

We train with treats and comfortable waist treat bags are available from Ruben for sale on Saturdays.They are R100 each and the small treat bag is R60 – there is limited stock.





If I greeted everyone happily

 Instead of eyeing with distrust

 If I didn’t pass judgement

 But accepted all

 If I listened intently

 With understanding in my eyes

 If I brought comfort

 All the time, no matter what

 If I loved unconditionally

 Without reservation

 If I lived life more simply

 Instead of worrying so much

 If I played tirelessly

 And didn’t work so hard

 If I made people smile

 Just by my presence in the room

 If I experienced true joy

 At the little things in life

 Then I’d be the perfect friend

 Just like my dog






New intake – 7th October

New intake – 4th November

Annual dog jumping competition, trophy hand-out and braai – 2nd December



Walk at Fountains Valley – Lidia – 082 565 4840

7th October

4th November

29th September – 1st October – Sheepdog Nationals – Caledon




Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small – Ted Andrews

Dogs that know when their owners are coming home: Full updated and revised upd Rev Edition, Kindle Edition – Rupert Sheldrake

The Heart that is Loved Never Forgets: Recovering from Loss: When Humans and Animals lose their companions – Kaetheryn Walker









Thank you to everyone who has sent testimonials – they’re on the website!This is a powerful and easy way of advertising your club, so please make full use of it – www.pretoriashepherddogclub.co.za.Our Face Book page also has some interesting photos and information!



The grounds are dying for water, and we are looking forward to the summer rains to resurrect our grass.Thank you to Charl who so diligently put up our caution signs!The jumps will be painted in October, ready for our dog jumping competition in December!



Dogs bought from SPCA or Wetnose qualify for one month’s free training (excluding R280.00 club membership fee – increase in January 2017).Just bring along your receipt of purchase.The SPCA Newsletter has put out a request for more volunteers, so if you have any spare time, please consider donating it to a worthy cause.Please contact Celestie Mathews who is a volunteer at the SPCA.She has some wonderful fundraising ideas.


Celestie also has a volunteer Whatsapp group that you can belong to, where she advertises the SPCA’s wish lists – 082 825 8442.



Our adopted animal charity is the South African Veterinary Association’s community project called Community Veterinary Clinics (CVC).They look after the primary healthcare of dogs and cats in disadvantaged communities, and offer vaccinations, de-worming, dipping and sterilisations at a reduced fee.


Please get involved in their MySchool card project – http://www.communityvet.co.za/


SATURDAYgates open at 1.30pm


OBEDIENCE – new intake the first Saturday of every month at 2pm

2:00pm – 3:00pm/3:15pm – 4:15pm/4:00pm – 5:00pm/ – Beginners – please arrive at 1.30pm and visit our Treasurer, Ruben in the club house – please bring a 1.2m cotton leash, metal check chain and throw toy or dumbbell.

Obedience training – R200.00 per month, payable 3-monthly in advance. PLEASE BOOK WITH US BEFOREHAND. This is not a course, but ongoing training.


PUPPY CLUB – 3pm – 4.30pm- Annual club membership – R280.00

R800.00 for the 6-week course – Puppies are welcome to join every week!

This class is for puppies between the ages of 3 months and 6 months.The puppies must have had their 2nd vaccination and been de-wormed.Appropriate tick and flea control must be administered before participating.Please bring your vaccination books.The members will have a lecture in the club house and thereafter learn the basics in puppy obedience, e.g. retrieve, heelwork, sit, down and stand.And of course, lots of socializing.Bring along a 1.2m cotton leash, metal check chain or collar and throw toy. If the dogs advance well before the age of 6 months, they can join Beginner training. PLEASE BOOK WITH US BEFOREHAND.



Secretary – Beverly – 083 272 1014

Chairperson and Chief Trainer – Tania – 082 430 1456

Treasurer – Ruben Muller – rubenmuller1959@gmail.com


Kind regards