I have found the Pretoria Shepherd Dog Club to be a wonderful environment where one can learn how to handle and train your dog whether you are a beginner or more experienced dog handler. This club welcomes both!

The club trainers have excellent knowledge in the gentle but effective and professional handling of any dog—even mine! — and the friendly atmosphere at the club makes this the perfect time to meet new people who are fellow-dog lovers .

It is a club open to anybody and everybody who loves their dog and who wants to learn more about handling their dogs!

Mila and I immensely enjoy every Saturday session and it is difficult to know who is more exhausted at the end of a class! 🙂  For Mila it is due to the excitement of all new things learned and new dogs met, and for me… just trying to keep up!

Best of all is that every Saturday brings a new challenge in the obedience class, the obstacle course as well as protection work training.

The variety of training ensures that I am learning how to handle my dog better in all circumstances and it has definitely created a stronger loving bond between my Russian Terrier and I!

This is an experience that I can and want to recommend to all dog owners!! !!

Thank you Tania!!