Quano, our German Shepherd puppy of 12 weeks, joined our family at the end of January 2012.  We only had him for a day and a half when he became violently sick and we had to admit him to doggie hospital, where he spent the week in ICU with Parvo virus.

Miraculously, and against all odds he made a full recovery, without any permanent after-effects of the illness.  He has subsequently grown into a beautiful big boy. He will be celebrating his first birthday in October, with lots of tid-bits.

Shortly thereafter we joined the Pretoria Shepherd Dog club and began taking him for puppy socialization classes.  Quano thoroughly enjoys the classes and looks forward to meeting and playing with the other pups that attend.

He has made great progress in obedience classes, and enjoys the manwork too.  He looks forward to the outing and can’t wait to grab his leash and jump into the car when he hears the words “Puppy Training”!

At home, he shares the household with two Yorkshire terriers, and one very obnoxious Jack Russell, aptly called Cheeky.

Having not ever owned a dog of this size, sometimes it has been quite challenging for us.  Tania and Terence have really given us invaluable guidance, and tons of useful information, to ensure we have a happy and well adjusted pet.

We have also enjoyed the many fun activities and events that the club has arranged, and it is a friendly and relaxed environment for dogs and owners, alike.

We really appreciate the time and effort that the trainers put into getting to know the dogs and their families and finding out what works for them.