I initially brought Nuada (my 2 y.o. male German Spitz Klein) to the Pretoria Shepherd Dog Club for socialisation; he had been attacked by a larger dog and was becoming increasingly anxious and aggressive towards other dogs.

I started him at the club in January 2015, nervous and unsure what to expect. Within a month he was getting more confident and by 8 weeks he had regained his self-assured swagger around other dogs. Nuada is smart as a whip and picked up most of the actions required of him within a week – although he still proves strangely reluctant to fetch! – and he enjoys the mental stimulation. He was also graduated to the intermediate class in his 8th week.

I have high hopes for him in the upcoming obedience competition, and since he frequently imitates a mountain goat all over the furniture, I have great confidence that he’ll do well on the agility course as well.

I’m very grateful to the Pretoria Shepherd Dog Club for being such great trainers with a fantastic attitude towards the training, dogs and owners. I hope to be part of the club for a long while yet!