We got Zeppelin in October 2016, when he was just 11 weeks old. He was a little rescue pup, with skin and weight problems, but the cutest thing ever!  We’ve never had a large breed dog and needed to learn how to handle him and what is needed to get little Zeppelin happy and healthy. Seeing that we have a 6-year-old son, we felt it was important to train Zeppelin into a well-mannered member of the family, especially when friends and family comes to visit.


We joined Pretoria Shepherd Dog Club later that month and Zeppelin immediately loved the training.  Although he was a bit intimidated and scared he quickly overcame all fear and enjoyed Puppy Kindergarten. We continued with Puppy Club and went on to the basic obedience classes.  Zeppelin absolutely loves it and knows exactly what it means when we pick up his leash.


He is now 11 months, happy, healthy and VERY naughty!!!!  We love him to bits and it gives us great pleasure to see how he loves the obedience classes.  Although my husband, Gerhard, is the one attending classes with him, the whole family tags along on Saturdays.


Besides the training, I love the fact that we can pick up a phone and there is always someone willing to assist with advice and guidance.  This is something we will continue doing for a long time.


Dehlia, Gerhard and Zeppelin