We have two crazy Cocker Spaniels that are the most loving dogs around, but with little to no control over them as puppies we decided that something had to be done.
Cloe the lady was the first to enter our home and we took her to puppy training at a reputable training institution.  This was great but their methods were not terribly effective.  After we got Pablo, the little dude, we searched again for a good place to take our doggies. Instead we found a club that not only teaches your dog but has many new friends for us owners too. The Pretoria Shepherd Dog Club is an excellent training school with well educated facilitators that are sensitive to the different requirements of the various dogs as well as their owners. My wife and I look forward to Saturdays because we know we will have fun with our dogs and enjoy the company of the other owners. Our dogs have not yet fully reached the stage of being well disciplined but I am sure that with a few more months of training and regular practise we will get there.

Jacques and Michelle Schroder