Welcome to our many new members!  We hope you will enjoy the training sessions and programs offered by our trainers.  



Our club has been very busy celebrating birthdays in June and July.  Happy birthday to Samantha, Louiza, Annatjie and Stefan!  Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us!  We hope your birthday memories will be special ones.


Jaco Malan gave a demonstration on how to start a sniffer dog.  He is well known in the field of narcotic and explosive detection.  Spyker, the Australian Cattle Dog AND Narcotic Detection Dog and Inka the Mali AND Explosive Detection Dog gave us an awesome demonstration of what a trained sniffer dog can do.  Many of our members had the chance to train with Jaco and experience the joy of a successful working dog.   


Rupert from Olympic Dog Foods joined us for the event.  He was able to answer any question regarding the dog food and introduced us to the various biscuits and treats.  Thanks so much for your time, Rupert and family!  Olympic dog food can be bought from your veterinarian only.


This winter has been rather mild, but Annatjie has been more than busy making many of the dog club’s blankets for our dogs and, yes, believe it or not, our cats!  Thanks so much Annatjie!  She also makes the most amazing dog treats, baked and pressed with much TLC.  She has also painted our new toilet signs!  Thanks to Pieter for attaching them.


A few of our trees have not made the move, but soon we will plant two River Bush Willow trees and two Karee trees. 


Agility equipment donated by John Cox was painted by Roiche and will soon be assembled by a few of our club members.  Thanks so much for your time!


David with Peanut paid us an unexpected visit whilst in Pretoria.  Peanut is a Maltese with the heart of a lioness!   She did extremely well in our dog jumping competitions, and has since relocated to Canada.  Thanks so much for sharing your time with us, David!


For those of you who watch TV, please look out for the Oneplan Pet Insurance advert, which shows our Chloe, now a TV star!  Just do a UTube search. Richard and Rolanda are proud parents!!!

Our annual club limited obedience show was held on 13th July 2019.  It was heartwarming to see so many new members enter, albeit with wobbly knees.  An early morning sherry would have calmed your nerves!  The morning started off with members busily putting up the ring, others eagerly training their dog and the usual German sausages and soup preparation.  Our show was a day filled with happy emotions. Thank you to our trainers for putting in so much time and effort. Congratulations to everyone – you are all winners!  Photos are on our Face Book page.  


The results are as follows:



1st – Stefan with Goliath

2nd – Annatjie with Buddy

3rd – Edwin with Rex



1st – Chris with Leo

2nd – Willem with Vlooi

3rd – Stefan with Otto



1st – Peter with Ragnar

2nd – John with Ziva

3rd – Anton with Huskia



1st – Este with Gruno

2nd – Loani with Katya

3rd – Mariette with Cara


Thank you to Montego for our annual sponsorship and wonderful goody bags!


Thank you to everyone for this true show of camaraderie!  The Pretoria Shepherd Dog Club – a family club!


In July we had another potjie competition, this time between the various clubs surrounding us.  The clubs form part of a green lung in the Ashlea Gardens area.   It was like having a deja vue moment, as our last potjie was in May.  What is so fascinating is to watch the guys at work.  They don’t speak to each other, nose to the grindstone, only come up for air once their pot is well on its way.  This time we had two lady entrants, Nicci and Louiza.  The pots were as follows:  Nicci and Louiza each made a pork pot, Alex and family made a beef curry pot, Paul and Bev made a lamb and gnocchi pot with risotto as a side dish, and Tania and Eric made a potato side dish.  The MG Club made a huge beef pot and the Gem Club made a beef pot with dumplings.  They were all delicious!!!  Mr Binder, our President was one of the judges with Hazel from the MG Club.  They voted as follows: The winning pot went to Paul and Bev, 2nd to Nicci, 3rd to Alex.  The Best Spirit award went jointly to the MG Club and PSDC, and the Best Dressed went to the PSDC with a Christmas in July theme! Martha and friends from the Bridge Club joined us for lunch.  Many thanks to the members who supported our club on the day.  Thanks to Martin for the photos, which are on our Face Book page. 


The Canine Good Citizen Test has been around for several years.  It is an international test offered by the Kennel Union of Southern Africa, highlighting a dog’s level of home obedience, viz. Bronze, Silver and Gold.  This year we anticipate a full Bronze class with some members going for Silver and Gold.  Good luck to all of you!!!  The members who have already earned their Bronze, Silver and Gold will be wearing the relevant coloured tags.  You are welcome to chat to any of them regarding your test.


Our entrepreneurs:

Louiza makes anything beaded – contact her on 083 227 5477

Annatjie makes blankets and bakes preservative-free dog treats – 083 379 7918


Please support these ladies!!!



Katya loves coming to the Pretoria Shepherd Dog Club the most, because then she can attempt to catch all the cars on the way and meet all her friends. 


Peanut loves to go shopping with me ‘cause he knows he will get lots of treats and love.

He also like car rides, don’t know why.


Cindy loves the Saturday outing to the dog club the most because there are doggy smells, puppies, doggy and human friends and lots to do.


Hi teacher Tania

My dad told me about the question for the next Newsletter and I was so excited to share my view of what I like to do with my Pawrents and why?

I love to go hiking!!! 

The absolute freedom that I experience when I can run free off leash. I can be as silly as I want, then I get the zoomies and my Pawrents just laugh at me. As long as I can see them and they can see my I can be as free as a bird, even though when I see a bird all I want to do is try catch them. Not too sure what I will do if I catch one though…

I sometimes get this funny feeling deep down inside of me like this is what I was born to do. Nose to the ground painting a second picture on top of what my eyes are seeing.

Anyway, I guess I have explained what I like to do and why. I have asked my dad to include a few pictures of my last adventure. Hope you like them.

Lots of love

CHLOE YOUNG (pictures will be emailed to our members)

Major loves going out with me anywhere.  Today at Green Olive Gardens. And he’s as good as gold!



We train with treats and comfortable waist treat bags are for sale from Ruben on Saturdays.  They are R120 each and the small treat bag is R90 – stock is limited.  Leashes are R70.



3rd August – new intake of dogs

1st September – Canine Good Citizens Test



Multiple Dog Household: a guide to training and problem-solving – Nikki Ivey

The Underdogs: Children, Dogs and the Power of Unconditional Love – Melissa Fay Greene









Thank you to everyone who has sent testimonials – they’re on the website!  This is a powerful and easy way of advertising your club, so please make full use of it – www.pretoriashepherddogclub.co.za.  Our Face Book page also has some interesting photos and information!



The grounds look rather dull in winter, but are quite forgiving once it rains.  Thanks to Stefan and co. who will soon be putting together jumping equipment donated by John Cox. 



Samantha and her team do a lot of wonderful work with Pretoria Dog Rescue.  It is a worthy cause to support.  Please put the word out that they have many, many dogs up for adoption.  Check out their Face Book page for more information. Dogs bought from Pretoria Dog Rescue qualify for one month’s free training.



Dogs bought from SPCA or Wetnose qualify for one month’s free training (excluding R280.00 club membership fee).  Just bring along your receipt of purchase.  The SPCA Newsletter has put out a request for more volunteers, so if you have any spare time, please consider donating it to a worthy cause.  Please contact Celestie Mathews who is a volunteer at the SPCA.  She has some wonderful fundraising ideas.  Celestie also has a volunteer Wattsapp group that you can belong to, where she advertises the SPCA’s wish lists – 082 825 8442.



Our adopted animal charity is the South African Veterinary Association’s community project called Community Veterinary Clinics (CVC).  They look after the primary healthcare of dogs and cats in disadvantaged communities, and offer vaccinations, de-worming, dipping and sterilisations at a reduced fee.  


SATURDAY – gates open at 1.30pm

OBEDIENCE – new intake the first Saturday of every month at 2pm

2:00pm – 3:00pm/3:15pm – 4:15pm/4:00pm – 5:00pm/ – Beginners – please arrive at 1.30pm and visit our Treasurer, Ruben in the Club house – please bring a 1.2m cotton leash, metal check chain and throw toy or dumbbell.

Obedience training – R200.00 per month, payable 3-monthly in advance. PLEASE BOOK WITH US BEFOREHAND. This is not a course, but ongoing training.

PUPPY CLUB – 3.pm – 4.30pm – Annual club membership – R300.00 

R800.00 for the 6-week course – puppies can join any time.

This class is for puppies between the ages of 3 months and 5 1/2 months.  The puppies must have had their 2nd vaccination and been de-wormed.  Appropriate tick and flea control must be administered before participating.  Please bring your vaccination books.  The members will have a lecture and thereafter learn the basics in puppy obedience, e.g. retrieve, heelwork, sit, down and stand.  And of course, lots of socializing.  Bring along a 1.2m cotton leash, metal check chain and

throw toy. If the dogs advance well before the age of 6 months, they can join Beginner training. PLEASE BOOK WITH US BEFOREHAND.



Secretary – Beverly – 083 272 1014

Chairperson and Chief Trainer – Tania – 082 430 1456

Treasurer – Ruben Muller – rubenmuller1959@gmail.com 


Kind regards







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