I adopted Badger from the SPCA in January of this year.  He is about 4 years old and the cutest wee creature ever!  We have been to about 4 training sessions so far, and he is so eager to please and such a fast learner that I haven’t really had many issues, and enjoy the sessions tremendously.  (I am of course, very bias about my gorgeous wee doggie!!)  It has been a great bonding experience and we are loving every minute of it.

I must say that one of the reasons we started training was because I couldn’t take Badger off his leash in the park.  He would bolt off in the opposite direction and refused to respond to my shouts and screams!  This past weekend, my partner and I took our 3 dogs to the Walk Haven Dog Park in Muldersdrift.  I was feeling brave, and we decided to let Badger run free with the rest of the dogs (there were dogs everywhere…  Gulp!)  He was exceptional!  I said ‘heel’ and he stayed by my side.  When he did wander off to sniff and explore it was never very far and he would come back when I asked him to.  We had a wonderful day!  What a pleasure to have such a well behaved dog! 

I can’t wait for our next lesson…  And I can’t wait to see how Badger grows and responds as we continue our journey together!  The ‘being stern’ has paid off, and even though I still don’t like it very much, it’s all worth the while now.

Thank you,

Mirella Bandini