We started at the Pretoria Shepherd Dog Club in June 2014 with our two gorgeous Border Collie puppies that were just 6 months old and full of mischief, being brother and sister, we were told by many that we would encounter numerous problems when it came to training them. But 3 months down the line and with a lot of hard dedicated work and with the most incredible support and understanding from every one at the club, we are very proud to say that our pups are doing fantastically, and they actually starting to listen to us! A miracle I never thought would happen. Understandably we still have a very long way to go, but what we have achieved in the last 3 months is amazing. Our pups – Max and Lea, really love their Saturday afternoon training sessions and can’t wait to get to ‘school’.

We would also like to thank the many people involved who have taken the time, effort and dedication that goes into helping us train our dogs!  We would highly recommend the Pretoria Shepherd Dog Club to anyone who has a dog, irrespective of the breed – all are most welcome.