I joined the Pretoria German Shepherd Dog Club in September 2012. Myself and Bruno enjoy the training thoroughly and when Saturday afternoon arrives, Bruno’s sixth sense alerts him that it is now time for training and he reminds me that he wants to go for training. All the instructors are friendly, helpful, dedicated and always available to render advice in terms of training of your dog, or any other issue regarding your dog. Myself and Bruno appreciates the effort from the trainers to know each handler and dog by their name always with a friendly greeting. I love the fact that the instructors make it clear that the owner takes responsibility for the training, and training progress depends a lot on the dedication, patience and love from the owner him/herself. You also learn to praise your dog a lot when he performs well during training, deepening the bond with your dog. Bruno loves the socialization with other dogs, building his personality and interaction with other dogs. Bruno has progressed well, growing in confidence and increased trust between us.

In terms of cost, the classes are highly affordable. Dogs of all size and breeds are welcome, making it an interesting interaction of dogs every Saturday afternoon. I can really recommend to anybody with any kind of dog to join this club. You owe it to your dog. A big thanks to the trainers for their time and effort to make the experience enjoyable.

Ruben and Bruno