November last year I started at the club with an essentially feral puppy.  No one, including me, could pet him and he was scared of everyone and everything (except other dogs).  In the last few months he has really blossomed and one would swear I had switched him for his identical twin.  He now greets most people and I can walk up to him and pet him most of the time.  The dog club members know him well ‘cause he has to greet EVERY other dog before he will do any work in class, even those who don’t really want to greet him. 

My little feral puppy is really growing up now and starting to listen a bit better to commands.  He actually stays (sometimes) in class now, sometimes comes when called, and he loves the dog jumping (except the see-saw).  A little while back he even dropped a nice juicy meaty bone he found when I told him to, even if it was very slowly.  My boy has a long way to go still and I would like to change some of the “sometimes” to “always”, but he is still a puppy and still we got time. 

Both of us love going to the club as the people are nice and the training is fun.  I except we will continue to be members for a long time.  And any new dogs will meet Fenris during his meet and greet before class while the owners laugh at his bouncing.


Teresa Kammerling