Puppy Training

Your puppy will probably be a delightful bundle of joy when lovingly brought home, safely tucked away in a warm blanket.

Soon your little bundle of joy is going to become a reincarnation of JAWS – THE MOVIE, tearing, biting, snarling, in short, demolition and destruction on four legs. Much of this behaviour is natural, but unfortunately you, the owner, have a lot to do with pushing the “activation button”. Or, you could be the lucky owner of a well-behaved darling, who would just like to make friends and learn a few basic exercises.

Join us in the Puppy Club for training with lectures, where we will help turn your delicious monster into a little darling.


PUPPY CLUB – Puppies can join at any time by prior booking. We take all breeds of dogs

This class is for puppies between the ages of 3 months and 5 months. The puppies must have had their 2nd vaccination and been de-wormed. Appropriate tick and flea control must be administered before participating. Please bring your vaccination books. The members will learn the basics in puppy obedience, e.g. lots of socialising, a few tricks, retrieve, and spatial development. Thereafter a lecture will take place in the club house. Please bring tit-bits as training treats, a throw toy and a collar (not harness) and leash. The entire family is welcome! If the dogs advance well before the age of 6 months, they can join the Raw Beginner training on a Saturday.