Training Times and Fees 

Welcome to members and prospective members! New members start the first Saturday of every month. We train all breeds of dogs. Please fill in application link below. Puppies can start at any time with a prior booking.

The membership renewal/application doubles up as your indemnity for the year ahead and also contains the new fees.

Please note that in order to be a member at our club the following requirements apply.

  • Your annual membership fee is compulsory and needs to be paid up. Those who have paid it upon joining in the latter quarter of the year need only pay membership toward the end of the year again.
  • Your application form needs to be completed (as link above). By doing this you appear in our database as a legitimate member.
  • Your A5 indemnity form supplied by the club needs to be signed at the clubhouse.
  • If you are regularly training a dog at the club, your obedience class fees need to be kept up to date and are payable 3 months in advance and are non-refundable. 

Please note that once you have completed the application form it will be emailed back to you so that you can save it to refer back to should you require any information such as the fees, banking details, etc.



R 350.00 per member per annum

R 500.00 family fee (i.e. you are 2 or more people training MORE THAN ONE dog at the Club)



R 920.00 (6 weeks) + R 350.00 single membership  = R 1,270.00 OR

R 920.00 (6 weeks) + R 500.00 family membership  = R 1,420.00

If you have 2 puppies attending simultaneously the first puppy will be charged at R 920.00 and the second puppy cost will be discounted to R 720.00. The total cost will be R2140.00 (family membership plus 2 pups, the one being discounted)

Classes over and above the 6 weeks will be charged at R 70.00 per class

Puppy Club intakes are on a week to week basis to maximise their learning opportunity. You do not have to wait for the first Saturday of the new intakes.


All first time members and pups progressing from our puppy club begin at raw beginner obedience level.

New members and pups progressing from our puppy club only begin on the first Saturday of every month.

Fees are paid upfront before you begin your first class and are paid 3 months in advance and are non-refundable.

Obedience classes (raw beginner, beginner, intermediate, advanced)

R 750.00 per dog for a three month period payable in advance. 

R1 260.00 for a three months period if you have 2 dogs training at the Club, payable in advance.


Bitches on heat are still liable for the month’s fees wherein they may not attend while on heat.


Payment & Indemnity must be completed before your lesson.


Banking details: NEDBANK

Cheque Account Name: Pretoria Shepherd Dog Club

Account Number: 160 461 4242

Branch Code: 160 445

Email proof of payment to:

Ref: Your name & dog’s name



CONTACT: Secretary – Charene– 082 843 7446 / Chairperson and Chief Trainer – Tania – 082 430 1456 /

Click on this link for the Training Membership Application form:

Download our Club Regulations and Constitution by clicking on these files:


Rules, Regulations, Considerations PSDC


Constitution March 2011