We have adopted our female German Shepherd two years ago. Her name is Qutie. She is very cute but very naughty as well. She is full of energy as any young and healthy dog. The problem was to keep her attention and to control her as she was stronger and stronger each day. I was running behind her during our daily walk and people was crossing the road by fear. It was a priority to find the right place to train both of us!

We joined the Pretoria Shepherd dog club a year ago. I was looking for a place where we can train and have fun at the same time! Both of us enjoy the training since the beginning which is a key for improvement. She loves the obstacle course and going to the club is always a very important moment of the week for both of us. The atmosphere is really friendly and training becomes a pleasant time.

Qutie was not really socialized and the contact with people and the other dogs was really difficult. Slowly, her behavior has improved a lot and after few months, she was not the same dog anymore.

Now, we have the pleasure to go on holiday with Qutie! We went to St Lucia recently. The lodge was pet friendly and Qutie was perfect! We had a very good time and we look forward our next holidays together

Valerie, Laurent and Qutie