Reward-based training is just that – huge rewards for the trainer.  Watching yur dog’s face light up when you move towards the dumbbell and lead; the buoyancy and joy in his step and yes, the smile on his face when he knows it is training time!  Developing the relationship between you and your dog through love and reward encourages both of you to try a little harder, to give more to each other, to progress further.  Fear-based training stunts the development of trainer and dog – the dog will only give exactly that which is asked for – for fear of doing the wrong thing.  The owner, so intent on control and domination, will close all channels of exploration.

The Pretoria Shepherd Dog Club promotes reward-based training and shows how quickly and effectively owners can be trained.  “Watch the little eyebrows” says Tania “when they stop wiggling the dog is ready to respond!”  And the owner is ready to move forward!