Obedience Training

SATURDAY –  We train all breeds of dogs.


This is not a course. 


You can continue Basic Obedience training

until you feel you have achieved your goal. 


Many members have continued training for several

years, making their Saturday afternoon dog training

part of their outdoor activities.


Your dog will learn the following:

– to walk with you on lead

– to come when called

– to sit, down and stand

– to fetch a dumbbell / throw article

– to stay

– to socialise with other dogs


As the dog progresses you will be encouraged to

move to an advanced class where your dog will

become more adventurous with the different

levels of training.


Children under the age of 16 years will

unfortunately not be allowed to train.


Please bring a 1.2 m cotton leash

(available from Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers,

Shoprite or Spar), metal check collar

(choke chain) and throw toy.